India and Senior Executive Search

Executive Job Opportunities in IndiaThe Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants has 33 member firms operating from offices in India that employ a total of 150 executive recruiters, also know as headhunters. AESC member search consultants in India specialize in executive recruiting across a diverse group of industrial sectors, with particular focus on senior management and country head roles.

India is the world's second fastest growing economy, or fourth largest when measured by factoring in purchasing power parity. India's technological prowess and rising middle class have made it a fierce competitor in the global war for senior executive talent. As a result, a wealth of executive job opportunities are available.

The AESC surveyed its member executive search firms in India, China, Brazil, Russia, and the Middle East to contrast trends in senior executive recruitment across major developing markets. Results of the study indicated that expatriate packages were being phased out. In the big picture, executive opportunities for Indians are on the rise. We also offer an India-specific introduction to BlueSteps and executive job opportunities in India.

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