The VeriBlue Digital Wallet

The ultimate game-changer for your executive career.

Gone are the days of rummaging for misplaced credentials or crucial documents. With VeriBlue, everything you need is securely organized in a single digital hub. Need instant access to your verified documents? VeriBlue ensures you're always prepared, allowing you to impress potential employers with ease and confidence. Peace of mind comes standard: Every document in your VeriBlue Digital Wallet is not only verified but also bolsters your professional image.

Available exclusively to BlueSteps members, let the VeriBlue Digital Wallet redefine how you manage your executive career. Embrace a future of simplicity and excellence.

How the Wallet Works

Seamless credential management: powered by Credivera's pioneering technology and the expertise of Mintz Group, your credentials are verified instantly. Access Credivera's vast credential network to add association memberships, certifications, and licenses to your VeriBlue wallet. Add degree and license verifications from Mintz to your wallet through your BlueSteps membership.

Follow these steps to setup your VeriBlue Wallet, where you can say goodbye to cumbersome career document management and credential validation.

Add Career Documents
Click “Upload to Wallet” to initiate your VeriBlue wallet and add vital career documents.
Activate with Ease
Shortly after, you'll receive an activation email. Simply click on “Join Now” to proceed.
Secure Your Wallet
Set a password to ensure the safety of your career details.
View and Add
After logging in, spot your documents under the "Credentials" section. To add more, click “Add Credentials”.
Add More Credentials
Search for Mintz or other providers you're affiliated with. Found them? Just click “Add”.
Share with Precision
In the "Credentials" section, click “Sharing” and choose your preferred method to present your credentials to search consultants or potential employers.
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