The Nordic Region and Retained Executive Search

The Nordic Region's Global SuccessThe Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants counts 35 member search firms in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, totaling around 40 offices and 200 executive recruiters between them, and covering a wide range of industries and functions in their work to fill top executive jobs in critical leadership roles.

The inhabitants of the Nordic countries dare to take initiative, run risks and commit themselves without fearing the consequences. These traits bode well for the executive job market in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, where innovation and bold leadership are rewarded. The latest research by the Nordic Council of Ministers on “The Nordic region as a Global Winner Region / Tracing the Nordic Competitiveness Model” indicates that the Nordic social system represents an unrecognized strength when it comes to business economics.

According to thought leaders, the Nordic welfare model holds partially untapped competitive potential, which translates well for CEO and CFO jobs and other C-level positions. Although it is impossible to establish a direct causal link between Nordic values and the business strengths of the Nordic countries by empirical means, the thought leaders are of the opinion that a number of links are crystallizing between the complex network of values and the strengths including:

  • Welfare products (linked to equality)
  • Innovation (linked to trust)
  • Management based on procedural strengths (linked to proximity to power)
  • Broad, strong skills base (linked to inclusion)
  • Adaptability (linked to flexibility)
  • Sustainability and a holistic approach (linked to respect for nature)
  • Industry, personal responsibility and efficiency (linked to the protestant work ethic)
  • Design and functionality (linked to aesthetics)

An executive career based in Denmark or Finland, Norway or Sweden therefore holds a wealth of possibility for those who seek executive job opportunity in the Nordic region. These business strengths already exist as global Nordic core skills that are rooted in Nordic culture and therefore difficult for others to copy directly. But according to the thought leaders, their full economic potential has not been sufficiently understood or exploited in the light of globalization.

These countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, have achieved such an enviable position mainly on account of lower volumes as compared to those of other countries. When it comes to development, volume is a major influence in two respects: Firstly, lower volumes force individuals and organisations to develop efficient solutions themselves; Secondly, lower volumes make it possible for individuals and organisations to test and adopt new technology much more quickly. These two volume-based features are especially evident in the banking and software industries.  Financial Services executive jobs and IT executive opportunities are widespread, particularly in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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