IT/Technology and Executive Recruiting
Specialties and Areas of Growth for Executives in Technology

The Technology sector continues to expand globally, disrupting and reinventing other sectors in its wake. Technology or IT executive jobs represent a significant percentage of the retained executive search industry, a 16+ billion dollar industry.

Within the technology sector, AESC member executive search consultants are working on IT executive-level job placements that include: web development, software, software as a service (SAAS), hardware, networking, consulting, high technology and robotics, computer gaming and new technologies.

Steve Watson, CEO of Stanton Chase and AESC member, believes that the growth opportunities exist in "SAAS; wireless;; anything in green/clean tech; broadband; and data compression." He also says that "at the nexus of technology and healthcare, the integration of medical platforms is very much in vogue."

"There's high demand for CIO’s and other senior technology experts across all industries. Companies are looking for new leadership to drive ROI," Watson informs. He also adds that "we're seeing salaries going up, but not leap-frogging."

Regions and Cities With Highest Concentration of Technology/IT Executive Opportunities

The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) has 1,500+ members around the world specializing in Technology sector executive searches. Many of those consultants are located in North America, but executive search member firms specializing in IT span worldwide. In North America, significant search activity in the Technology sector occurs in New York, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Austin, Los AngelesBoston, Atlanta and Toronto. London, Berlin, Paris, Moscow and Amsterdam are hubs for Technology recruiters in Europe, while Melbourne, Bangalore and Shangahai and Singapore are important Tech capitals for the Asia Pacific region; Tel Aviv leads the Middle East; and São Paolo is a leader for Tech jobs in South America.


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