The Senior Supply Chain Executive & Executive Recruiting
The Senior Supply Chain Executive Role

The Senior Supply Chain Executive is responsible for inventory management, purchasing, distribution, transportation, the end-customer experience and profitability. The Senior Supply Chain Executive manages the entire supply chain, from manufacturing and logistics, to alliance management and profit-and-loss statements. The Supply Chain Executive's job is to build sustainable and collaborative interpersonal relationships with all partners and third-party vendors.

What Capabilities Hiring Organizations and Executive Search Firms Look for in a Supply Chain Executive

Interpersonal skills are critical as the Supply Chain Executive's job is complex and decentralized.

The executive must be a team builder; an influencer; a good communicator; a negotiator; a motivator; a collaborator; a delegator; a manager; and a leader.

The Supply Chain Executive must have strong customer-interfacing skills and the ability to understand the nuances of complex alliance management, as well as a business mindset and good financial skills.

Executive headhunters and recruiters seek candidates for the Senior Supply Chain Executive with a breadth of general business experience such as buying, planning, construction/manufacturing and delivering. In addition, an executive headhunter or search consultant will look for an executive who has demonstrated the use of performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of the supply chain. Executive search firms appreciate success at a global industrial company, managing the global integrated supply chain or experience working at a global logistics and transportation organization or consulting firm.


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