When you hear the words social media, what do you think? Some believe it’s nothing more than an intrusion on their privacy, others are intimidated by it, and there are those who don’t believe it is worth their time. Although social media still generates some negative thoughts, more and more senior executives are gaining the experience and understanding the positive impact social media can have on the success of their careers, replacing any reservations or negativity they may have previously had. There are many things in our lives that we may not like that we’re free to change, but social media is not one of them!

executive_social_media_tipsUtilizing social media to establish a professional online presence is as mandatory in any executive job search as a having a professionally written resume. The good news is content from your resume can be used as the basis for launching a compelling digital footprint on the number one professional social media site: LinkedIn. You can be assured that most decision makers access LinkedIn when undertaking due diligence to confirm a potential candidate’s experience, qualifications, connections, and cultural fit to an organization. It would be unfortunate if you were the perfect candidate but were also the sole applicant who lacked a professional LinkedIn profile. When so many suitable candidates are vying for the same job, failure to have an online presence may be the sole reason you were eliminated from further consideration.

The number two social media site where search consultants and HR professionals will be searching for you is Facebook. Aside from meeting face-to-face in a job interview, there is no better way to assess a potential candidate’s cultural fit. And stop worrying about Cousin Fred’s inappropriate posts. The decision maker is looking at you, not your cousin Fred. However, what you choose to share is important and should attest to the choices you are making in your career. It would certainly send a red flag if you were posting about your acquisition of a new gun and ammo but were pursuing a position that involved anti-gun legislation. Your due diligence as a potential candidate requires reviewing corporate mandates and mission statements to discover if it is a suitable company for you. Do not waste your time or theirs if you’re not a suitable candidate for their organization. Hiding every personal detail would also be a mistake and send a red flag. The more open and genuine you are, the less likely you are to scare away decision makers wondering what it is you’re trying to hide.

Linkedin and Facebook are only the start of establishing an authentic and professional online presence utilizing social media. As important as networking is in person, so too is online networking. What could be more positive than a free resource available at your fingertips with the potential to open doors in seconds that you didn’t even know existed? A clear and focused career direction is all you need to create potential leads online and position yourself as the expert by following relative groups and companies sharing your expertise. Embracing the benefits of social media by establishing a significant online presence will result in a substantial increase in your network and boost your profile ranking during a Google search. It won’t take long before you become one of the senior executives that decision makers start to follow!

Don’t miss out on the benefits of Twitter, another social media site guaranteed to keep you up to date on all that is happening in your executive world. By creating a professional profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be well on your way to positioning yourself as an expert in your field to a global audience of potential career influencers. The opportunity to network online, highlight your expertise, generate new contacts and leads, and position yourself at the top of search results as a highly recognized senior executive is why social media is a key component of any executive career.

Google your name now; can you be found? If not, we can help! Let our team of career advisors create a LinkedIn profile and social media presence that gets results!


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