Executives often ask us how BlueSteps could be helpful to their career management strategy. The short answer is that a BlueSteps membership should be seen as part of your long-term executive career management strategy, not a quick fix. You’ll still want to network in person, maintain public profiles on LinkedIn, and try to get published or invited to speaking engagements as much as possible to present yourself as an expert in your industry. However, BlueSteps will instantly give you the information and tools you need to confidentially network with executive recruiters and kick start your executive job search.

There is a one-time fee for executives to join BlueSteps, which allows your career details to be made available to the Association of Executive Search Consultant’s (AESC) member executive search firms for the duration of your career. Some executives have been BlueSteps members for over 10 years now, so if considering the value on a monthly basis, it equals only a few dollars per month - not bad at all considering the exposure executives receive to top executive search firms. Of course not everyone will be contacted, but that is how retained executive search works—it is not like contingency search where executive resumes are often collected for numbers sake.
Additional benefits of becoming a Lifetime BlueSteps Member include:
Maximized visibility to the world’s best executive search firms - The BlueSteps database of more than 75,000 senior executives is exclusively available to over 350 executive search firms worldwide to use when they are searching candidates for top executive positions. Executives can rest assured knowing their career information will be made visible to only quality retained search firms, not their bosses, not their colleagues, and most certainly not contingency recruiters who will blast their executive resumes or CVs all over the internet.
Direct access to search consultants - BlueSteps members gain access to the International Executive Search Firm directory, which includes direct contact information for search consultants from more than 350 firms in 75 countries.
Valuable advice and resources for how to network with executive recruiters - Keeping in mind that executive recruiters work for their clients—hiring organizations—and not job-seeking executives, BlueSteps members also receive valuable tips and resources on how to network with executive recruiters, how to build relationships with search consultants that offer value for both parties, and how to identify recruiters that specialize in their industry or region. In addition, BlueSteps members receive access to a sample of current searches being conducted by AESC member search firms so they can proactively present themselves as interested candidates.
Complimentary career consultations and executive resume/CV reviews - BlueSteps members also receive a complimentary career consultation and executive resume/CV review with an expert from our BlueSteps Executive Career Services, access to a full suite of best-in-class career management services, such as professionally written executive resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, professional bios for websites and social networks, executive career coaching, and much more.
Read even more about the benefits of joining BlueSteps, and then consider registering for a BlueSteps membership—your membership will last as long as your career. If you have any questions at all, please contact us directly at info@bluesteps.com or call 1 (800) 363-1207 (or dial 1 (212) 398-2159 if outside of the US) —we’ll be more than happy to discuss what BlueSteps can offer you and how it can help you attract the attention of top executive search firms.


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