[September 2023, New York] - BlueSteps, the esteemed career service provider for global executives, in partnership with Credivera, a pioneer in credential verification technology, are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking Digital Wallet for executives, executive search consultants, and employers. This state-of-the-art tool, enhanced by the investigative expertise of Mintz Group, the global leader in due diligence, screening, and investigations, incorporates Credivera's advanced technology that enables credentials to be validated in real time. Executives can now effortlessly manage a secure and dynamic portfolio of their credentials, while search consultants and employers can swiftly access and trust the verified data. This innovation heralds a new era in executive job search and talent acquisition, streamlining processes and boosting transparency and efficiency for all parties involved. 


In the intricate realm of executive job searches and talent acquisition, top-tier professionals are often confronted with significant challenges. Keeping track of, accessing, and ensuring the authenticity of one's credentials and vital documents can be not just cumbersome but also daunting. Given the competitive nature of executive roles, even the slightest discrepancies or delays in presenting validated credentials can hinder chances of landing the desired position. Moreover, in a world where data breaches and privacy concerns are escalating, executives not owning their data can face risks, not to mention the missed opportunities due to unverified credentials. The significance of a secure, trustworthy, and efficient platform becomes paramount for an executive who values both their time and reputation.


Enter the VeriBlue Digital Wallet, tailored explicitly for discerning executives. This state-of-the-art platform eradicates the traditional obstacles by offering a seamless method to store, access, and verify credentials and certifications. But it goes beyond mere storage. The VeriBlue Digital Wallet allows executives to truly "own what they know." With a strong emphasis on personal ownership of one's achievements, it enables executives to take charge of their qualifications, deciding precisely when and with whom to share them. This autonomy not only safeguards their privacy but also aligns with the highest industry compliance standards. An investment in the VeriBlue Digital Wallet isn't just about convenience; it's about empowering executives with control, credibility, and confidence in their professional journey.


The VeriBlue Digital Wallet not only ensures swift access to users' data but guarantees its veracity and credibility. Underpinned by the Mintz Group's esteemed reputation for precise and high-caliber verifications, the wallet epitomizes trust and dependability.


Kulsoom Gul, Managing Director of BlueSteps, remarked, "The VeriBlue Digital Wallet is poised to redefine the executive job search paradigm. Teaming up with Credivera and the Mintz Group underscores our unwavering dedication to pioneering solutions."


Echoing this sentiment, Dan Giurescu, CEO of Credivera stated, "Our alliance dovetails seamlessly with our ambition to furnish trusted and readily verifiable credentials. With the VeriBlue Digital Wallet, both executive job aspirants and employers have the convenience of managing and accessing certified credentials, instilling a renewed sense of transparency and trust."


Emphasizing the essence of authentic data, Peter Lagomarsino, Mintz Group's Managing Partner and Global Head of Executive Diligence, asserted, "For nearly three decades, the Mintz Group's hallmark has been upholding the pinnacle of professional and ethical vetting standards. Our dedication to accuracy is unwavering, as both corporate and individual reputations hinge on the integrity of our findings. It's with immense pride that we endorse this trailblazing tool, amplifying the authenticity of professional credentials."


BlueSteps, Credivera, and Mintz Group are committed to driving innovation in career advancement and talent acquisition. The Digital Wallet exemplifies this commitment, poised to transform the way executives manage their professional credentials and how employers verify potential candidates. 

BlueSteps members can now effortlessly access the VeriBlue Digital Wallet directly from their BlueSteps dashboard, streamlining their executive journey with verified credentials at their fingertips. Additionally, the VeriBlue Digital Wallet is available for purchase through BlueSteps, offering executives an innovative tool to bolster their professional standing in the global market.

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About BlueSteps 

BlueSteps is a career management service designed exclusively for senior-level executives. As part of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants, BlueSteps empowers executives to take control of their careers, track their goals, and stay visible to the right recruiters. BlueSteps' members gain access to a suite of valuable career management tools, industry insights, and exposure to over 16,000 executive recruiters worldwide. 


About Credivera 

Credivera is the world’s first secure, open exchange for verifiable credentials. A leader in workforce management and digital identity, Credivera gives employees, employers, and organizations that issue credentials increased productivity and control of how important credentials are stored and shared. The Credivera Exchange optimizes personal privacy and trust, with up-to-date verifiable credentials secured in a digital wallet, resulting in reduced risk for all. Founded in 2017, with offices in Toronto and Calgary, Credivera supports regulated industries and global technology firms in over 30 countries worldwide.


About Mintz Group 

For corporations, investors and the legal, financial and talent advisors who need actionable facts to assess risks, protect reputations and win disputes, Mintz Group is the partner of choice for due diligence, investigations and background screening anywhere in the world. Since 1994, Mintz Group has developed a uniquely transparent and practical approach to fact gathering before hires and transactions, during disputes and after allegations Mintz Group provides. impartial facts that are comprehensively researched, properly sourced and stand up to the toughest scrutiny in the boardroom or the courtroom. Headquartered in New York City, Mintz Group has 17 offices across nine time zones, with a team that speaks more than 35 languages and has successfully conducted +40,000 investigations in more than 100 countries.  


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