Major Executive Search announces the successful placing of Amy Barzdukas as Chief Marketing Officer at WiTricity located in Watertown, MA. Amy will be responsible for leading global marketing for Witricity, driving the company through its next wave of growth as electric vehicles (EVs) with WiTricity’s patented wireless charging solutions become commercially available. Major Executive Search Partner Patty Meagher Clare and Managing Director John Rivoir, along with Founder & CEO Sue Major, conducted the assignment.  Read the full article here

A toxic culture causes disengagement even with top talent. It stifles innovation and productivity and leads to high turnover. In a worst-case scenario, it could lead to the demise of the business. Unfortunately, there are signs that workplace toxicity may be on the rise. For example, a study last year by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 20% of people in the US have left a job in the past five years due to toxic workplace culture, and those losses have cost those companies more than $223B USD. The main way to change, or prevent, a toxic work culture is by identifying it at its source. Read the full story here

Nasdaq is one step closer to ushering in a new era of corporate board diversity and transparency following a landmark decision from U.S. financial regulators. For eight months, the New York exchange operator has been seeking the Securities and Exchange Commission’s sign-off on a plan to require many of its listed companies to have at least one or two “diverse” board members, or explain in writing why they do not. Nasdaq has also been pushing to be able to require its issuers to disclose the diversity breakdown of their boards. And after some tweaks were made about who must comply, how, and when, Nasdaq finally got its wish Friday when the SEC approved the proposals. Read the full article here 

Monolithic Power Systems Inc. added a female director last month, ending the power-management company’s three-month run as the only S&P 500 member with an all-male board. The appointment of Carintia Martinez, chief information officer at European aerospace company Thales Alenia Space SAS, caps a year-long search for a company that hadn’t had a woman on the board since 2016. Read the full story here

Digital transformation has become an imperative for most companies, but the process can be intense and agonizing. Leaders need to surmount manifold challenges that have more to do with people and culture than technology. The core drivers of digital transformation include competitive threats and new business opportunities. Yet, 87% of transformations fail to meet expectations. Read the full article here


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