Adaptability Required to Compete in the Future of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wakeup call for organizations and their leaders. It has underscored the importance of adaptability in an era of accelerating change. In order to compete in the future of work, you must be able to quickly adapt to changes in your environment. This includes changes in technology, customer preferences, and even global politics. The good news is that adaptability can be learned.

The need for agility has never been more apparent than it is now. With volatility in the market, organizations must adapt and change with each new economic climate or they will fail to survive - that means we all need agile practices on a weekly basis.

AESC member search firm Borderless shares 5 key insights that will help you compete in the future of work. Explore what it takes to be an adaptive leader and company. Read more here.

Why a Career Coach During the Great Resignation Matters

The coaching industry has seen huge growth recently, with many people finding themselves in need or wanting a career change. In 2020 the International Coaching Federation published that they’ve noticed an increase of 33%. It seems like there are plenty who feel disconnected from their jobs now more than ever before because during Covid-19 everyone had different priorities but mainly focus on what would make them happy again - which often translates into seeking out guidance through coaches.

Why would you want to be left behind when there are so many job openings? A career coach can really help. You don't even need that much competition for each position, as the numbers suggest - 1 out of 250 applicants is enough. And if it's not already too late for changing careers or starting something new in life then now. Things have changed over the past two years with the unprecedented shifts in the job market.

If it's a candidate’s market, do you need a career coach? Learn why having a career coach in your corner can give you a leg up against the competition, help you navigate a constantly changing job market, and find new opportunities with purpose. Read more here.

First-Time Board Candidates: What You Need to Know

In a world where diversity on boards is becoming more important than ever, it's no surprise that many companies are making major strides in diversifying the composition and capabilities of their own leadership. As new strategies evolved for identifying qualified talent from a diverse array of backgrounds with unique perspectives in order to represent all shareholders equally well as possible --a record number had never served before.

There are a number of actions that should occur during each stage in the board recruitment process, but one common mistake that is seen is being unfamiliar with how things work or an incorrect assumption about what will happen next. Make sure you're aware and up-to-date on what actions need to be taken throughout all stages so your credibility isn't impacted because mistakes were made without knowing too much about how things work. AESC member search firm RSR Partners shares their best advice in a new roadmap to help first-time candidates navigate the board recruiting process and increase their chances of success. Read more here.

Advice for Finding a Job with Purpose

In the wake of a mass resignation, America is experiencing an unprecedented labor market with nearly twice as many vacancies than people available to fill them. In recent years we’ve seen tens-of millions who have quit their jobs for better work and there are seemingly endless opportunities out in today's economy - but how does one figure out which new position will fit into career goals without feeling like they're settling or compromising too much on satisfaction level alone?

You cannot be successful in an organization if your goals are unclear. You need to identify what it is that you want, both from the company and for yourself as a professional who wants growth opportunities within their field of expertise or knowledge base. A Target executive shares the best career advice she's ever gotten, plus tips on finding purpose and fulfillment, and when and why a long tenure in the same organization can work. Read more here.


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