BlueSteps Partners with The Pay Index to Provide Compensation Benchmarking for Executive Jobs

BlueSteps is excited to announce its new launch feature to the membership dashboard. The new BlueSteps plugin enables executives to access The Pay Index’s full suite of pay tools, including executive compensation reports comparing salary, bonus, and equity grants for more than 50k roles.

The new partnership between BlueSteps and The Pay Index will give members access to reliable data, making it easier than ever before for executives in any industry. With this improved service, they can make more informed decisions that impact their careers positively. Read the full press release here.

2022 In Technology: What the Trends Reveal

The world has been transformed by technology, and CEOs need to keep up with it. With that in mind, we can expect more focus on digital experiences this year as users grow increasingly expectations from their online interactions; they're becoming market-shapers who set new standards for entire industries functioning better than ever before--and if you don't meet those high expectations now then your business could potentially lose out big time down the line when these "new" consumers become old news!

In 2020, more and more people are starting to live their lives online. This has led CEOs in all industries (not just technology) towards digital experiences that can be tailored specifically for this new generation of customers with high expectations on what they receive from an interaction - whether it is customer service or product delivery.

CEOs of all industries should make 2022 to be the year they elevate their digital experiences. These trends will only continue as we see even greater changes within markets due largely because one key factor, consumers don't want any hassle when shopping. Everything must come seamlessly at lightning speed through improved UX/UI design strategies combined.

The employee priorities in this era of disruption are shifting because people now want to do meaningful things with their time. A successful enterprise must now embrace a new way of working. Employees now demand flexibility and transparency to be productive, but underneath it all they want something more than just work. They need an organization that enables them seamless support for asynchronous interactions as well as individualized decisions about how best spend their time on tasks at hand without getting their schedules packed with administrative hurdles or unnecessary meetings/phone calls. Read the full article here.

Three Imperatives to Face The New Experience Economy

The world has been transforming into an experience-driven society, where customer service is at its core and marketing campaigns focus more on individualized experiences than ever before. Businesses are turning their attention from traditional forms of advertising towards creating personalized products for customers with the goal being to make each person feel special during every touchpoint they have had within your business whether it be online or in-person!

As traditional advertising methods continue to evolve, marketers must pay close attention to not just what they're selling, but also how customers interact with them. Customer experience management has replaced old-fashioned marketing practices as companies strive for a personal connection that will lead their clients into buying habits and loyal followership through their everyday digital routines. Read the full article here.


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