As CEO confidence continues to rise in a bull market where competition for talent is fierce, we investigate the reality of delivering on growth aspirations among publicly quoted, private, family-owned, and private equity-backed businesses. Talent-led transformation in a post-pandemic world: how can business leaders deliver on ambitions of growth and reinvention? draws on findings from a global survey of 528 CEOs and board members, country and division heads, HR, finance, tech, and marketing leaders. The data reveal that while leaders are confident in their organization’s growth potential, there is a lack of talent aligned to strategy, inconsistent thinking across the leadership team and that different skills are needed at the board level. Continue reading here

Managing an age-diverse workforce. In a world of continuing labor and skills shortages, ignoring the older talent in your organization could be a waste of critical leadership potential and a loss to economic recovery. The recent emphasis on creating truly diverse workforces and leadership teams has seen action on underrepresented groups like women, ethnic minorities, and the LGBT+ community. But when it comes to offering opportunity for all, in a fair manner, one group is frequently overlooked: the over-50s. And companies disregard this group at their peril. Read the full story here

Over the past seven years, the description in management literature of what makes for successful organizational cultures has evolved tremendously. Performance-driven cultures were regarded as ideal and were, therefore, the dominant force. More recently, however, there has been a major shift and the growing culture approach is gaining more adoption. Organizational culture can be defined as a belief system on which people base their behavior. Read the full article here

Andy Jassy took the helm in July after Jeff Bezos stepped down, though the eCommerce behemoth’s founder remains hands-on as Executive Chairman. The company that reshuffled American retail has been pushing the boundaries of eCommerce for decades. Now it appears to be confronting the industry’s limits as its chief rivals, Walmart and Target, continue to gain ground in its virtual territory. Read the full story here

Anyone involved in ESG will tell you that the current level of demand for ESG leadership talent is unprecedented and unrelenting. Even firms with a long history of successfully integrating ESG principles into their organizations are finding it more difficult than ever to keep up with dynamic and constantly evolving ESG expectations. Companies that previously resisted establishing a formalized ESG policy and framework are now succumbing to pressure from investors, consumers, employees, boards, and regulators, and are scrambling to catch up. Read the full story here



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