Corporate management looks for universal qualities in their executive team. Mastering these qualities and talents raises your value within an organization, as well as sets you apart from other executives on the market.
Whether you have just joined the executive ranks or are a seasoned veteran, these five A-list qualities should be in your portfolio:
1. Lifelong Learner. Executives need more than just a college degree today. Company expectations include technical knowledge, abilities and emotional intelligence combined with aspects of leadership that will drive change. Executives that are star performers are lifelong learners, constantly adding to their knowledge base with continuous professional development.
2. Interpersonal and Organizational Navigator. Do you possess the interpersonal skills to make things happen? Are you a leader that attracts successful team members who want to work with you? An executive that can get through interpersonal and organizational barriers to get things done is a valuable asset to an organization.
3. Emotional Intelligence. Understanding your emotional intelligence is twice as important as your mental IQ or technical skills for all levels of leadership. What really sets you apart is the extent to which you know yourself. Do you recognize and understand your moods, emotions, and motivation, as well as your impact on other people? Bosses love executives who know themselves and have a positive impact on others.
4. Adaptable Leadership Style. A-listers learn from their circumstances (good and bad) and adapt for the future—whatever that may be. These executives look for a way to do things better the next time. Companies want executives on their team that learn from their experiences and improve their leadership with each new challenge.   
5. Motivated Leader. You are an executive; you take charge; you go where others fear to venture; you are persistent; you are a risk taker and a goal setter. Does this describe you? Your organization will notice if you demonstrate a strong drive to achieve, and your willingness to commit to success. That drive, ambition, whatever you want to call it, is contagious and most successful in an organization when driven from the top.
Use this formula to help you manage your career success and position yourself as an A-List executive for your current or future position.


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