When you get a call from an executive recruiter about a great job opportunity how can you move the process along to get a job offer? Here are 10 tips to make the most of the candidate-recruiter relationship.

  • Initial Response - Retained executive search consultants contact you when they have a specific opportunity that you might be a fit for. Respond to inquiries, whether or not you are looking or interested. By listening and sharing ideas for the job, you will be remembered.
  • Online Brand - Update your LinkedIn profile with appetizer-sized descriptions of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Google your name and what comes up? Speaking, blogging, and media mentions will enhance your online brand. Make sure your online presence illustrates your personal brand and what you are good at.
  • Resume - Recruiters will want to see your latest resume highlighting your accomplishments; make sure this up to date. You will want your resume tailored to reflect experiences relevant to the specific job opportunity. Remember that recruiters may keep old resumes so remain consistent and forthright.


  • Research - Take time to understand the job specification and research the company: products, executives, latest news, financial performance, customers, competitors, partners or any other relevant information for the role. Understand the key experience and competencies needed and assess your strengths against those requirements.
  • Interview - Come prepared to share your relevant experience for this opportunity and how you can add value to the company. During your executive interview, deliver the information directly with short examples of relevant experience.
  • Compensation - Share your current base, bonus, and additional compensation, otherwise it looks like you are trying to hide something.
  • Communication - Leverage the recruiter to prepare for and debrief after interviews. This will help you better understand your positioning for the role.
  • Passion - Express your interest for the company and role. This goes a long way with recruiters and the hiring company, with the most interested and prepared often getting the job offer.
  • Negotiation - In most cases, work through the recruiter to negotiate your offer. They can help you get to an agreement while preserving your relationship with your new employer.
  • Relationship - Remain in contact with the recruiter during on-boarding and beyond to support you throughout your career.


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