Whether you are relocating to a new city, or just changing jobs seeking better executive compensation, the only time you are truly able to obtain a solid increase in compensation and benefits is when you are negotiating a job offer with a new company. As you know, once you become an employee, you must wait until the next annual salary review; and then you only get a small percentage increase. You cannot change any other terms of your original employment agreement after you have signed it. Get what you deserve now through compensation negotiations--protect your career and financial future.

Research shows that professionals who negotiate their offers of employment receive better compensation and benefits than those who do not negotiate. Negotiation in corporate America is a must; however, most professionals do not know how to negotiate.

When executives transition in or out of a company, there is a myriad of issues to consider. Compensation, severance, benefits, retirement accounts, non-compete clauses, discrimination and other legal rights are being negotiated and can dramatically affect your career. Most people, even experienced executives, are often unaware of their rights, their value, or what they are entitled to under the law. Make sure you don't settle for less. Every employment situation is unique, but no situation is “take it or leave it”. Many people need assistance in negotiating compensation, benefits, and incentives package. Don’t leave dollars, benefits, and perks on the table. It is important for executives to not leave any items on the table that the employer may offer which may be unknown to you at the time of negotiations, such as Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs), Private Company Equity packages, Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs).

Negotiation is a process. Before you receive an offer of employment, you must know the steps to build the best offer. Nothing is worse than beginning a new job with a new company only to discover that others less qualified than you have better compensation and benefits packages. You need to know how to prepare for the employment offer process, how to negotiate, when to negotiate, when to make a counter offer, how to formulate the total package you deserve, and how to negotiate each item in the package.

At Career Protection, we guide executives and professionals every step of the way through signing of their employment agreements, we have found the best way to start the process is to have a checklist of items/issues you wish to pursue in your new employment. To assist you in beginning the process, we will send you a free copy of our Executive Employment Negotiations Checklist. Simply click on the following link and complete the form http://careerprotection.com/freelegaladvice.html - Be sure to use the CODE “BlueSteps” in the Comment/Inquiries Box to obtain a FREE Executive Compensation and Benefits Negotiations Checklist.  We do not disclose or sell any of your contact information.


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