A recent study by Goldman Sachs found that creating a more gender-balanced board could boost the euro zone’s gross domestic product by up to 13 percent. So where are the women? Having a female director on a company’s board has too often been seen as a token gesture in the surface interests of achieving gender equality. However, an increasing number of reports from industry experts further strengthen what many already knew: there are a multitude of tangible benefits that women bring to the table. To highlight the issue of boardroom diversity, new generation board opportunities, and just following the official American Business Women’s Day (September 22nd), BlueSteps brings together an expert panel of board leadership professionals, executive career experts, and experienced executive search professionals for a free executive tele-seminar on “Boardroom Diversity: New Opportunities for Female Executives,” taking place on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm EST.
The business case for boardroom diversity: Credit Suisse Research Institute revealed that male dominated firms had recovered more slowly than gender-balanced firms since the 2008 financial downturn. Goldman Sachs announced that gender balance on boards in Europe could increase GNP by 13%. McKinsey revealed that the operational profit of companies with majority female boards was over 56% higher than those with male-only boards. Female majority boards also surpass male-only boards in auditing, control and risk oversight.
As the number of female board members in Europe is increasing by only half a percent each year, meaning that it would currently take 50 years to reach a gender balance, why are women being ignored? And, what can women around the world – not just in Europe - do to increase their chances of obtaining a board seat?
BlueSteps is hosting the free executive tele-seminar, to provide executives with firsthand insights from a panel of board leadership professionals and executives career experts, on how executives – and women in particular- can better position themselves to be successfully considered for board positions. The executive seminar will include a live Q&A, enabling participants to pose questions to the expert panelists.
Are you ready for the challenge of being a new generation board member? Register for BlueSteps’ upcoming free executive tele-seminar, Boardroom Diversity: New Opportunities for Female Executives.

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