Once you’ve completed your unconventional interview, it’s extremely important to follow-up with the interviewer, otherwise you’ll be quickly forgotten. In a competitive job market, you should never overlook something as simple as sending a thank you note or picking up the phone to thank the person who gave you a chance to interview. It may seem trivial, but nonetheless it’s essential. Here’s what you should do after your unconventional interview wraps up:

  1. Send Thank You Notes: Send two thank you notes immediately to the interviewer(s). The first one is sent via email and the second is via snail mail. This follow up allows you to say something that you might have forgotten to mention in the interview.
  2. List Pros & Cons: Gather yourself and reread the notes that you have taken. Evaluate the pros and cons of the position and make a list of all the areas you know you would excel at. Use this information when you send additional follow-up emails. Express with specific examples how you would be the perfect candidate.
  3. Keep Calling: Keep the momentum rolling. Many applicants don’t want to bother the interviewer. Job seekers claim that they already know that I am interested in this position so I will just WAIT to hear back from them – WRONG! It’s true they are busy so make it your job to stay in touch by checking in with them every 5-7 days. Send an additional email and/or voicemail thanking the interviewer again and expressing your interest in the position. At the same time, inquire about the status of the position.
  4. Persevere; Don’t Push: Perseverance is the name of the game, but being too pushy can actually hurt your changes of obtaining an in-person interview. You can initiate the dialogue, but be polite and professional by asking what the next steps are for the position and when in-person interviews will begin. One email/phone call a week will suffice.
  5. Leave on Good Terms: Should you receive a phone call or email stating that you were not selected for an in-person interview, don’t fret. Keep your composure and thank the interviewer again. Leaving on a positive note will help you depart on good terms. You never know if that company may be hiring again. If you leave on a sour note, you’ll never receive an interview there again.

Hopefully all of your hard work will pay off and you’ll soon be hearing the phrase: “We would like to invite you for an in-person interview.”


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