When it comes to acing your unconventional interview, you should know two things: 1) Confidence is key and 2) Being prepared is a crucial step toward interview success. Now that you know how to prepare for your interview, what can you do to ace it with ease?
For starters, sit by your phone/computer at least ten minutes prior to your scheduled unconventional interview. Answer the phone/video conference with your name and a smile. Never answer the phone by simply saying, “Hey” or “Hi.” Try saying something like this: “Good morning. This is (INSERT NAME).” Sounding professional is just as important as looking professional.
Secondly, it’s important to dress for success. Whether your interview is over the phone or via SKYPE, dress like you would at a first round in-person interview. You’ll act more professional if you’re in a suit and not in your favorite pair of sweatpants. To go along with your professional dress, spit out the gum and sit up nice and straight.
Before the actual interview portion begins, it’s okay to start with some small talk, but only if the interviewer begins the conversation. Just remember to take a deep breath and collect your thoughts before the questions come.
Ready…set…interview! Follow these steps and you’ll ace your unconventional interview with ease:

  1. Take Notes: Jot down key information about your conversation. You’ll want to capture details that you can review after you have parted.


  2. Question the Interviewer: Ask the questions that matter. “What do you love about working here?” “What are the potential growth areas that
    people are most excited about in the company?”
  3. Anticipate the Questions Asked: Do your homework and have the answers to the following questions: “Tell me about yourself.  What are you looking for in a job? Why should I hire you?” If you’re unsure about your response, pause for a second and collect your thoughts before blurting out something random.
  4. Deliver Your Pitch: Most likely, you will use this numerous times throughout your job search and certainly when you interview. You want this to demonstrate who you are and what you are capable of achieving. Paint a picture of yourself that clearly communicates your valuable assets and contributions.
  5. Don’t Talk Money: It’s too early to be discussing compensation. Focus on the position and how you’re still evaluating this unique opportunity and how your skills, experience, and leadership will align with this new endeavor. Get them hooked on you and what you bring to the position and company! If you can wait, you may be giving yourself the biggest raise ever.

After your unconventional interview concludes, thank everyone for his or her time and consideration. Acknowledge every person by using his or her name. Don’t forget to follow-up with a short email thanking the interviewer. Secondly, you’ll want to follow-up with an actual handwritten note. Reiterate your contributions and the value you bring. This alone can make you stand out from the fierce competition, and it just might make you memorable enough for an invite to interview in person.

This article was written by Amy Gubser (ACRW, CJSS) of BlueSteps Executive Career Services (BECS). Amy specializes in Personal Brand Coaching, Job Search Coaching, Career Change Coaching, Interview Coaching, and Salary Negotiation Coaching and has years of experience.

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