The following is an excerpt from our guide “Becoming Social Media Savvy: What all Executives Should Know

Having and building a social media presence has become a crucial skill in today’s world for executives. Leaders who are able to leverage these online platforms are reaping the benefits and gaining a competitive advantage over those less socially inclined. Kick start your social media brand with our list of Do’s and & Don’ts for your LinkedIn profile.

Have an Up-To-Date Linkedin Profile

Upwards of 90% of executive recruiters will check social media profiles as their first step in the candidate research process. Your presence on the platform needs to be powerful

Be Consistent

While your LinkedIn profile and resume/CV will differ(more on this in the guide), you must be consistent in terms of dates, roles, etc. Discrepancies here are considered a red flag and may immediately rule you out of contention for a job opportunity.

Develop a Strong Personal Brand

Know your values, develop your thought leadership and offer insights into your areas of expertise. Read more about developing your personal brand here.

Avoid Polarizing Topics

(Particularly if you are job searching). Talking about strong opinions that don’t directly pertain to your personal brand values (political standpoint) can have a negative impact on your chances of landing a new role. Be aware, even when you’re simply sharing, re-Tweeting, or liking something.

Get Rid of Old Data from Over 15 Years Ago

This will help eliminate age bias issues.

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