The following is an excerpt from our guide “The Perfect Pitch: An Executive's Guide to Selling Yourself & Getting Noticed”

A good elevator pitch is important because it’s an effective way to demonstrate your professional aptitude, strengths, and skills. It is a shorter, punchier message derived from your more encompassing personal brand statement. While the elevator pitch is geared to connecting outwardly (to your target audience or prospects), your personal branding statement serves you.

Start With Your Why

“What makes you want to wake up and go do your job? What is your passion? This is where you will be your best. And if you combine this strategy with your passion, and your unique approach, you got it.” - Fanny Gimenez, Managing Partner, Boyden

Be Honest

A recruiter’s job is to make sure that the materials and information presented in your interviews are factual and any challengers will likely come out through the process. Being honest and upfront is very important

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Focus on your accomplishments and any achieved goals. Since roles and their descriptions can vary from workplace to workplace, it’s important to stress what you did during your time there. What are you most proud of?

Have A Clear Objective

Be as concise and succinct as can be. Painting a clear picture of what you’re hoping to get out of a conversation or exchange is the first step that will help you stand out. Be wary of using too many buzz words or specific business jargon.

Be Authentic

“Be authentic and be yourself. Make sure that everything you say you can back up and that you feel comfortable. This will put you in the best light forward” - Shawn Hartman, Vice President, and COO, Academic Search

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