According to the Association of Executive Search Consultants’ (AESC) Q3 State of the Industry report, the technology sector  held a year-on –year increase of +12.3% in executive searches.
BlueSteps spoke to Technology expert Connie Adair, CEO from Taylor Winfield, Inc. to find some industry insights into why technology is booming.
BlueSteps: Many thanks for taking the time to speak with the AESC/BlueSteps about technology industry-related trends in executive search. Could you tell us about the search firm you come from and the work you do there?

Connie Adair: Retained; main vertical is technology; C-Suite

BlueSteps: In the recent AESC third quarter Executive Search Industry Report, searches within the Technology sector held a year-on-year increase of +12.3% and saw the least quarter-on-quarter decline (-1.9%). Why do you think this sector remained so strong during a difficult period?

Connie Adair: 1) Technology is a relative nascent vertical; more and more companies in all verticals must be “technology-enabled” to stay at the top of their markets, therefore, the budgets for technology advancements are staying strong and because of that, technology executives are in demand.   

2) Online is becoming a way of life from the way we shop to the way we communicate; there must be technology executives driving that online presence.
BlueSteps: Did you find any regional differences where candidates where stronger in the technology industry and the executive job market?
Connie Adair: Silicon Valley is no longer the MECCA for technology, although still necessary; East Coast is strong; Middle of the country looking more attractive.
BlueSteps: Have you witnessed any trends in the technology industry as it relates to executive search? What searches are being conducted and what skills must candidates bring to the table to be considered for these opportunities?

Connie Adair: Digital, Cloud Services, Analytics are the skills.  Searches are VP Digital, Chief Digital Officer, CIO/CTO(Cloud Services), VP Analytics, etc.

BlueSteps: Are there opportunities in the technology industry for executives who have no previous experience in that sector? If so, who is a likely candidate to make a successful career transition into technology?

Connie Adair: Perhaps in sales or the CEO/COO as technology is introduced as an enabler to the traditional markets, i.e. mfg. ; inventory management; etc. …there is little knowledge of those verticals in the technology space.  

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