Why do so many people fear change? We’re often influenced by our fears and anxieties when we are faced with decisions; but by giving into these, we inhibit our innovative and development capacity. Once you’re aware of this as an individual, and you realize that you have the ability to remove any emotions related to change—that’s the moment. This powerful moment knocks the walls down and builds a new step forward towards success. This allows you to navigate through change so that it works for rather than against you.

Aspects of Leadership - Change ManagementWe are managers, but managers are also change agents or leaders of change. Furthermore, we all have the responsibility to dive into the art of change management. We usually manage operational processes so well, but change can be more difficult due to the emotional and psychological implications involved.

Consider this: what’s the worst that can happen from change?

If things are not flowing in the way you expect, try to project yourself into the picture that represents success. This will help you lose part of that anxiety and will boost your performance.

Without allowing change, many of the world’s top organizations would not have become nearly as successful. When Steve Jobs was brought back to lead Apple, many of the company’s senior leaders were likely unsure about their futures at the organization. The leaders who appropriately dealt with this and the other changes imposed by Jobs were greatly rewarded when Apple rose back to the top of the Fortune 500.

Though it may not seem so right away, most change is positive for an organization. We should act as change agents and support such positive change. Don’t be afraid to disrupt yourself frequently, you will be amazed with the results you obtain.

To help you manage change, here are some rules you should follow:

Keep calm.

Don’t try to fight change. You should follow the course, be positive and try adapting to the circumstances with energy and great doses of flexibility.

Be focused.

If you pay attention to the main problems you face, you will be able to manage them. Don’t lose your focus! Don’t get anxious!

Be a transformer.

Take action. Don’t wait until problems go forward and become more and more difficult to solve. Persevere until the problem is defeated. But in case you can’t overpass it, be brave. You need to develop a new way to face the situation. In the end, and with enough focus, you will discover how to move forward and adapt to the changes.

Be human.

It is not necessary to shoot and hit the target one hundred percent of the time to be successful. It is healthier for you learn and adapt to each new situation and environment. You’re only human, so you can’t always expect to be perfect on your first try.

Be courageous.

Being courageous will allow you to better understand the meaning of your fears, anxieties and doubts. Don’t permit emotions to overcome reason. And don’t forget: be open-minded! You must process anxieties into productivity for yourself and your company. If you always move forward against adversity and you shed your fears, concerns and doubts you will fuel positive change.


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