Currently working a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and bored? Applying to tons of positions with no success? Questioning if you’re even on the right path?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, it may be time for you to hire a professional career coach. Career coaches are experts in the career building field and have many different services that get and keep you on track.

What is a career coach?

Before jumping in on this self-diagnosis, let’s clarify what a career coach is and what they do. Career coaches are experts in career planning, resume building, negotiation, and interviewing. These professionals must get different certifications and go through specific courses to become qualified.

After all, think of a career coach as a personal marketing team. Career coaches specialize in personal brand awareness, knowledge to highlight the strengths and the best qualities of your professional experience. They know exactly what employers are looking for and can position you in the best spot seem fit. Additionally, career coaches also assist their clients in identifying long and short-term goals, staying on track, and keeping their clients accountable.

Now that the definition of a career coach is crystal clear, here are 6 signs you should start looking to hire one:

Your professional brand needs work

To best represent yourself in your job search, you must consider your professional brand. A powerful professional brand starts with a strong resume. If you need help crafting a resume that will highlight your strengths for specific positions, or if you find that you get interviews but get ghosted after having the meeting, a career coach can be a good choice. Career coaches can help craft résumés, cover letters, elevator pitches, and show you how to shine the best light on yourself during an interview.

You struggle with self-motivation

Advancing your career can be challenging and uncertain at times. Even the most motivated individuals experience burn-out and imposter syndrome. So, if you often find yourself making big goals but never sticking to them, a career coach is a good bet because they will keep you accountable for the goals you set.


You don’t know how to get promoted in your career

A Career Coach can give you tangible advice on how to stand out from the crowd, showing your employer that you’re capable of taking on more responsibility, and it allows you to rehearse what you want to say with personal feedback for improvement.

You need personalized and actionable advice

When you hire a Career Coach, you receive advice that is made fit just for you. Instead of scouring countless websites for advice on your career path and resume tips, a career coach gives you pointers on what you exactly need to work on.

You have career goals that you want to achieve

If you have specific goals, a Career Coach can help you to reach your target. You need to invest in yourself to get where you want to be. You won’t be able to achieve your goals just by writing them down. An action plan is needed, and a career coach can help get you set up.

You’re making a major career change

Changing jobs is hard enough, but making a major career change? You’ll most likely want some professional help to pull it off. Rather than just “winging it,” set yourself up for maximum success and accept help from someone who’s experienced in these types of moves. A career coach can help you determine how realistic your career change is. After, they can suggest an actionable strategy for you to implement so you can best achieve your goals.


A career coach isn’t for everyone. But if these signs are too familiar to you, it’s probably time for you to hire one. Not sure where to start? Become a BlueSteps member to receive expert career consultation at . To make major moves, you need to start by taking action. No one will take your career as seriously as you and your career coach will.



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