At the surface level, it may not seem like nonverbal communication or body language accounts for much during a conversion. The content said verbally can be completely different from what's communicated nonverbally. Furthermore, when your words and body language don’t line up, people are more likely to believe what's expressed nonverbally. With this, body language becomes that much more significant during an interview.

Find out 5 ways to align your body language with your words so you can show real confidence.

Maintain good eye contact

During an interview, it's important to look directly at your interviewer, but it is even more essential during a video interview. Some interviewers cannot tell where you are looking, and they might assume you are reading off something. Consciously keep your eyes at the same level as the camera, rather than your computer screen. When you look at yourself on the screen, the interview may feel a disconnect because your eyes are looking elsewhere. By focusing on the interviewer during a video interview, you’ll establish a better connection.

Sit up straight with your shoulders back

A good posture allows you to present yourself as being more alert, interested and engaged. Slouching can look unprofessional and makes you appear as if you don’t have to be taken seriously. Therefore, giving off the impression that you are not as interested in the position as you should be. A good way to combat slouching is pretending a string is attached to the top of your head, and this string is being pulled upwards, forcing you to sit up taller.

Manage your facial expressions

You may not be aware of the many facial expression you make in a day, but some are better than others. Your resting face can also look uninterested or bored, so do your best to manage what expressions you are portraying. Try to keep your expression pleasantly neutral for most of the time. Smile at appropriate times, but not constantly. We all know too much smiling can get a bit creepy.

Avoid fidgeting and touching your face

Fidgeting, moving around too much, and touching your face can all cause distraction and may even overpower what you’re saying. When you're doing an online interview, you don’t want to be moving all over the place.  You can look distracted, and make you appear overly nervous. Less sudden movements show that you are comfortable and relaxed, two traits insecure people don’t usually have. Body language experts have found that people who touch their faces when answering questions are signaling deception. Although this isn’t always the case, it’s best to avoid fiddling with your hair or touching your mouth or nose.

Keep chin parallel to the floor

Head positioning can also say a lot about you, and it can help create a positive impression by keeping your chin parallel to the ground. You may look very arrogant if your head is too far back because it's like you’re looking down on people. You may look like you lack confidence if you put your head too far down because hiding your neck is what we do when we feel vulnerable. The sweet spot head position is to keep your chin at a steady angle, parallel t


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