Are you an executive looking to take your career to the next level? Have you checked out BlueSteps lately? BlueSteps, a leading provider of executive career services, recently announced a comprehensive rebranding initiative that reflects their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled service to their members.

As a trusted resource for executives for many years, BlueSteps continues to provide an unmatched level of service and support to its members. The company's new brand identity is a natural next step in its evolution and a reflection of its ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. The rebranding includes a refreshed logo, updated color palette and a renewed focus on the company's core values.

But that's not all, BlueSteps also launched a new website that boasts a sleek design and a swifter user experience.

Want to know what's new? We’ve outlined five ways you can reach your career goals through the new BlueSteps website:

Access to exclusive webinars, workshops and guides

BlueSteps’ webinars and guides contain insider information from executive search professionals and c-suite leaders. This content can be incredibly valuable for executives looking to advance their careers.

Hearing directly from executive search consultants gives candidates the upper hand in understanding best practices. These consultants and leaders are often at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. Executives can gain insights on the latest developments in their field, including new technologies, strategies and methodologies. Ultimately, giving them an edge in the job market.

Executive search consultants and leaders have a unique perspective on the hiring process, and by attending webinars and workshops hosted by them, executive job seekers can gain valuable insights into what recruiters are looking for in a candidate and how to position themselves effectively.

Discreet career profile searchable by top global executive search firms

Discreet career profile services often provide a level of confidentiality. Executives can be sure that their information and intentions are kept private.

By creating a discreet career profile, executives can increase their visibility to AESC  members, the top global executive search firms. These firms are constantly searching for top talent, and a well-crafted profile can help executives get noticed.

Compensation tool

In the past year, BlueSteps partnered with The Pay Index to provide members with a service where they can compare their salaries.

The compensation tool can help members understand the market and make informed decisions about their own compensation. Additionally, by comparing their salary with other executives who have similar levels of experience, education, and skills, an executive can identify opportunities for career progression and plan accordingly.

In all, The Pay Index compensation tool located in the BlueSteps member dashboard can help executives have a better understanding of industry standards and target desired job opportunities.

Mintz Verifications and Social Media Audits

BlueSteps partnered with Mintz Group to provide an exclusive suite of user-friendly background verification and audit services.

These services are typically used during the executive search process, but for the first time are now available for executives through their BlueSteps membership. Executives can conduct their degree verification in advance, becoming preferred candidates for AESC member search firms. Other verification services include license verification and social media audits.

By using this new service, candidates can perform verifications and audits before they work with an executive search firm, or if they're curious about what their online persona says about them. The verification ensures their reputation and online persona does not impede their career progression. These services are now offered directly to members through their profile.

Hogan Personality Assessment

It was a busy year for BlueSteps as they also launched a new career assessment in partnership with Hogan that helps executives identify and learn how to both leverage and manage their strengths and shortcomings.

This assessment will aid executives in understanding their behavior in different business circumstances and evaluate seven key dimensions of personality that influence occupational success to help executives develop strategic self-awareness. The results provide detailed recommendations for performance improvement and is the first time the assessment will be offered directly to executives, and exclusively through BlueSteps.

This assessment can be taken by accessing the report directly from the BlueSteps profile, after which it will take around 30 minutes to complete. The assessment will be available for download directly from the BlueSteps profile.

The New BlueSteps

With a refreshed brand, a renewed focus on core values and a new website, BlueSteps continues to be a trusted resource for executives looking to advance their careers. The new website offers a range of new services and resources for executives to reach their career goals. With a new brand, BlueSteps continues to enable executives to understand the market, leverage their strengths and manage their shortcomings, and make informed decisions about their own career progression.

As a BlueSteps member, you have access to all these resources and more to help you achieve your career ambitions. So, don't wait any longer, visit the new BlueSteps website now and take your first step towards success.

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