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Meet Ana Clara

Ana Clara is Vice President of Regional Marketing for one of the world's most successful consumer product brands.

Learn how Ana Clara used BlueSteps to successfully gain a marketing executive role.


Director of Marketing

Ana Clara's title when she joined BlueSteps.

São Paulo, Brazil

Ana Clara’s location when she became a BlueSteps member.

15+ Years

Ana Clara’s director-level experience included Director of Marketing for a popular Brazil-based consumer products brand.

Ana Clara was ready for a new challenge.
Ana Clara was very successful in her role as Director of Marketing for a well-know consumer products brand in Brazil. While she wasn’t actively looking for a new role, she knew from business school that if she wanted to advance into the senior-most ranks, she would need to remain visible to executive search firms.
Ana Clara's Journey with BlueSteps
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Ana Clara identified recruiters in her sector.
Ana Clara utilized the International Executive Search Firm Directory, exclusively available to BlueSteps members, to identify 1447 AESC member executive recruiters specializing in Consumer Goods. When Ana Clara narrowed her search to Brazil, she yielded 39 results and connected with three recruiters in São Paulo.
Ana Clara had a Career Consultation.
Ana Clara leveraged the Career Consultation that came with her BlueSteps membership to reflect on her goals and learn more about the additional career services available to her through BlueSteps. While speaking with her advisor, Ana Clara agreed that she should optimize her LinkedIn profile for networking and social proof of her achievements. She worked with her advisor to create a stellar LinkedIn profile that boosted her online networking opportunities.
BlueSteps webinars provided Ana Clara with direct intel from executive recruiters.
Ana Clara accessed the archive of Executive Webinars, available exclusively to BlueSteps members. She downloaded on demand How to Brand Yourself as a Thought Leader. Ana Clara was developing thought leadership everyday in her fast-paced marketing career, but not for her own career management. Through a BlueSteps webinar, she learned the importance executive recruiters place on thought leadership, so she began publishing articles to LinkedIn to showcase her expertise and create a dialogue with prospective contacts.
Ana Clara was contacted by a search firm.
When Ana Clara least expected it, she was contacted by a recruiter from a global executive search firm for a VP of Marketing role at a multinational. Because of Ana Clara’s BlueSteps membership, she already knew how to approach a phone call with an executive search consultant and knew how to present herself well as a candidate. Ana Clara is now heading regional marketing strategy for a global company in the Consumer Goods sector.
BlueSteps worked for Ana Clara and it can work for you, too.
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