The Medical Executive

Meet Anisha

Anisha is Chief Medical Officer for a major biotechnology company in the United States.

Learn how Anisha used BlueSteps to successfully transition to a new Chief Medical Officer role.


Chief Medical Officer

Anisha’s title when she joined BlueSteps.

Los Angeles, California

Anisha’s location when she became a BlueSteps member.

20+ Years

Anisha’s experience in management-level roles in the biotech industry.

Anisha was ready for a new challenge.
After serving in senior management roles at major pharma and biotech companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, Anisha wanted to secure the major capstone opportunity of her career.
Anisha's Journey with BlueSteps
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Anisha searched the BlueSteps International Search Firm Directory to find executive search consultants who specialize in CMO searches.
Anisha already had a connection with a search firm that had placed her in a previous role, but she was interested in investigating the types of searches being conducted globally. A search firm in Australia piqued her interest and she reached out to the head consultant to make a connection.
Anisha learned about new Chief Medical Officer opportunities on BlueSteps.
Anisha discovered one CMO opportunity with the search being conducted by that same firm in Australia on BlueSteps. Even though that role was filled with another candidate, Anisha did develop a valuable relationship with the search consultant. Anisha continued to check back for new opportunities while also taking advantage of the other services BlueSteps has to offer.
Anisha then submitted her executive resume for a complimentary career consultation.
Anisha was a great candidate with an impressive career span, but the consultation led her to explore career coaching, which she had never done outside of her employers. Her expert career coach helped her identify exactly what she was seeking in her next role and helped her develop a plan to get there.
Anisha leveraged BlueSteps to connect with executive search consultants.
Anisha incorporated these insights into her career strategy, which eventually led to her being recruited for a role at an exciting biotech company developing anti-cancer drugs in Sydney, Australia.
Anisha’s career transition was a success and she is enjoying her new challenge.
Anisha effectively transitioned to a new Chief Medical Officer role using her BlueSteps membership. She knows she will seek board of directors opportunities in the near future, so Anisha keeps her BlueSteps profile up-to-date so executive recruiters conducting searches for boards of directors positions can easily find her.
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