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Meet Danielle

Danielle is CHRO for a publicly traded property insurer.

Learn how Danielle used BlueSteps to successfully transition to a CHRO role.


VP of Human Resources

Danielle’s title when she joined BlueSteps.

New York, New York

Danielle’s location when she became a BlueSteps member.

15+ Years

Danielle’s experience in human resources management within financial services and insurance companies.

Danielle was ready for a new challenge.
After working with the same company for 5 years, Danielle was frustrated by the lack of advancement opportunities. She knew that to advance to a C-suite role, she would need to explore opportunities at other companies.
Danielle's Journey with BlueSteps
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Danielle learned about new CHRO opportunities on BlueSteps.
Danielle checked BlueSteps daily for new CHRO searches on the US East Coast. For those that interested her, Danielle expressed her candidacy directly to the search firms handling the searches. In the meantime, Danielle used the other benefits of her BlueSteps membership to strengthen her personal brand and prepare her for the interview process.
Danielle used the BlueSteps Global Guide to Personal Branding for Executives to define her personal mission.
The BlueSteps career guides helped Danielle understand more deeply her own personal brand and how to weave her unique value proposition into her networking and career documents.
Danielle then submitted her executive resume for a complimentary resume review.
Danielle’s executive resume was sent to an expert BlueSteps Resume Writer, who specializes in personal branding for insurance industry executives. After the initial consultation, Danielle decided her LinkedIn profile wasn’t showing off her unique strengths and she purchased a LinkedIn profile rewrite with her expert advisor. Immediately, Danielle’s LinkedIn profile received more visits and she began to quickly expand her network further.
Danielle leveraged BlueSteps to connect with executive search consultants.
Danielle incorporated these tips and career management tools into her job search strategy, which eventually led to an introduction to a top insurance recruiter. This recruiter placed Danielle on the shortlist for a CHRO search for a well-known insurance brand headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
BlueSteps worked for Danielle and it can work for you, too.
You’ve worked hard to get where you are in your career, now let BlueSteps work for you. BlueSteps is there for you for every step of your executive career.
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