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Meet Florent

Florent is non-executive board director for a national media and communications company.

Learn how Florent used BlueSteps to successfully gain a board seat in his industry of expertise.


Chief Digital Officer

Florent’s title when he joined BlueSteps.

Geneva, Switzerland

Florent’s location when he became a BlueSteps member.

15+ Years

Florent’s experience included most recently serving as Chief Digital Officer at an Internet-based, sports-focused broadcasting company, where he had developed a reputation for leading the company through digital transformation and developing award-wining digital content.

Florent was ready for a new challenge
After acquiring this depth of industry knowledge, Florent wanted to share his sought after digital expertise and commitment to industry values with others, while expanding his own strategic planning and leadership skills.
Florent's Journey with BlueSteps
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Florent found board opportunities that matched his industry experience.
Florent created his BlueSteps profile and started listening to all of the board related webinars, available on-demand exclusively to BlueSteps members. He gained valuable tips directly from the panels of executive search consultants who recruit for board of director positions.
Florent leveraged Executive Search Insights.
Florent accessed board-related content within BlueSteps. He also analyzed industry reports which helped him articulate strengths he could offer a Board of Directors in tackling industry disruption brought about by technology and digitalization.
Florent connected with a Career Coach.
Florent used his Career Consultation to communicate his board aspirations. He was paired with a global board expert advisor and serving board member. With his advisor, he leveraged The BlueSteps Complete Board-Ready Package. His advisor helped him craft a board-optimized resume, bio and LinkedIn profile. Through four intensive one-hour coaching sessions, he became better prepared for board interviews and was well positioned for board opportunities.
Florent networked with Executive Search Consultants.
Next, he searched the BlueSteps International Search Firm Directory, by industry and location, to find executive search consultants who specialize in recruiting for board of directors roles. He offered his industry insights as a way to develop relationships with a few key consultants.
Florent achieved his goal.
Florent’s BlueSteps membership helped him land a board seat with a Swiss media giant operating media brands in the print, TV, radio, online and mobile arenas. Florent serves as a current board member providing his deep industry and digital expertise to set company strategy. While he doesn’t plan on searching for a new opportunity in the near future, Florent knows that his Lifetime BlueSteps Membership is a service that can provide value throughout his career.
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