Mintz Group x BlueSteps: Mastering Your Online Reputation

In today's digital era, an executive's online presence can be as influential as their in-person interactions. A well-curated digital footprint not only accentuates professionalism but also underpins trust and credibilityBlueSteps, in collaboration with the Mintz Group's expertise, offers an in-depth analysis of your online persona. Let Mintz Group's specialists meticulously review and guide your digital narrative, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your executive trajectory.  Access to purchase these services are available to BlueSteps members only.


Verifications and Social Media Audits

Degree and License Verifications: In a discerning corporate landscape, verified credentials aren't a mere luxury; they're a necessity. Transparent and verified qualifications foster trust and spotlight your commitment to accuracy and integrity.  

Hosted by BlueSteps and executed by the Mintz Group, leaders in background check solutions, this service enables proactive verification of your education and licenses. Such pre-emptive measures enhance your credibility, making you an attractive and validated choice for AESC member search firms.


Customized Social Media Audit by Mintz Group: Your online profiles are scrutinized for potential pitfalls or red flags, offering a harmonized digital representation to complement your executive pursuits.

Assured peace of mind, a pristine report signals no discernible concerns, allowing you to fortify and uplift your executive online brand with confidence.

Degree and License Verifications
Part of the executive search process includes verification of a candidate's post-secondary education and licenses which are used by search firms to validate candidates. With Mintz Group, a leader in background check solutions, candidates can conduct their degree and license verifications to become preferred candidates for our AESC member search firms.  Verifications can than be added to members VeriBlue Wallet for the ability to share with search consultants.
Social Media Basic Audit
Incorporates Facebook/Meta, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and YouTube.
Social Media Advanced Audit
Encompasses the Basic audit, further broadened to include general web checks like public records, legal abstracts, news articles, and more.
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